Limenoscope - Ancient Hellenic Ports
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"Limenoscope" resulted from an initiative in 2004 of Professor of Maritime Hydraulics and Port Engineering, N.T.U.A., Constantine Memos and of Professor Emeritus, N.T.U.A., Theodosios Tassios. The undertaking was embraced in the course by many individuals and bodies, including the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture; our sponsors at the initial phase of the project: NTUA and Port Engineering Consulting Offices; interested researchers; the Ministry of Maritime Transportation; the Association of Ancient Greek Technology Studies and others. The really laborious course of research required for the proper de-coding and recording of the various elements of several ancient ports, took place within the framework and abiding the regulations set by the Research Committee of N.T.U.A. Project leader was Prof. C. Memos while in the research team participated, apart of Prof. Th. Tassios, Christina Kontaxi, MSc, N.T.U.A., Athanassios Ziros, MSc, PhD Candidate N.T.U.A., and students of School of Civil Engineering, N.T.U.A. The editorship of the site was under Dr. Theotokis Theodoulou, archaeological partner of the programme. After the completion of its funding in 2013 C. Memos and Th. Theodoulou, supported by Th. Tassios, continued on a voluntary basis the enrichment of the data bank helped by students of NTUA or Greek Open University. In 2014 the “Bayerische Staatsbibliothek” based in Munich, Germany, sought permission to include Limenoscope in its long-term digital archive. Their request was welcomed by Prof. C. Memos signing the relevant document. Hence this site belongs since 3/1/2014 to the digital collection of the above major library.

The support by NTUA and the rest sponsors is greatly appreciated. Thanks are due to the Department of Water Resources, Hydraulic and Maritime Engineering for hosting the web pages in their server. To WOW GROUP S.A. for offering the design of this site; to Mr. Stefanos Kozanis for the creation of web pages and to Mr. Antonis Christofides for the support in technical matters. To Demetrios Chiniadis for providing material relative to ancient Hellenic ports.

Technical notes
Limenoscope is based on open source tools. The server's operating system is Debian GNU/Linux, database is implemented on a PostgreSQL RDMBS, the web server is Apache. Data are supplied with shell scripts (bash scripts, data are aquired from the database with psql, processed then with awk and sed).
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