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Samos - Pythagoreion


Main features
Region Aegean sea  
Use Commercial - Military  
Prosperity period (centuries) 6th B.C. - 5th B.C.  
Existence of contemporary port Yes  
Findings on site Yes  
General description
Technical features
Construction period (centuries) 6th B.C.  
Port configuration Artificial Harbour, Outer Harbour  
Port basin size m2 
Main wind direction SW
Port land area km2 
Port entrance  
Change of sea surface elevation
Sedimentation Yes  
Outer port structures Breakwaters, Moles
Inner port structures Unknown  
Land facilities Shipsheds  
Construction method  
Neotectonic history Unknown  
Shore line displacement Unknown  
Function and operations
References in ancient literature  
Related researches Archeological  
Findings in museums No  
Other references
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